Monday, August 07, 2006

How To Piss Off Your Constituants

Maybe they were just saying "thank you" from the heart of their bottom, but Gov. Rick Perry's campaign recently found itself the butt of controversy because of the way staffers accounted for tiny contributions.

Some activists unhappy with the Republican governor's tax plan to finance public schools have encouraged like-minded Texans to offer their 2 cents to Perry. Literally.

The plan was to send campaign checks for 2 cents in the belief that it would cost more money to process them than the checks would be worth.

The campaign did process them, stamping ASS-06 before depositing them in the bank. That notation, when seen on the canceled checks, chapped some of the contributors' hides.

Perry's folks said the letters stood for "A Small Supporter" and suggested that anyone who was offended simply turn the other cheek.

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