Thursday, November 09, 2006

2 Wheel Passport and Rantings About Houston...

I'm excited...I'm daunted and I'm being told that the buzz in the industry is rampant about this show "2 Wheel Passport". Ha pressure. The good thing is that many people are confirming that the timing is perfect for this show.

We were very fortunate to have a story on us in last week's Dallas Business Journal. When The Illustrious One and I went by the bookstore to see how things turned out, he said he heard me gasp from about 15' away. Our publicist had already told us we would be on page 4, but what I was not expecting was to see The Illustrious One sharing space with the masthead, and as Jubin said, "Dude, you are above the fold!"

Very high profile placement indeed. And I daresay that tricked out purple Harley of his definitely woke some people up when they got their DBJ's that week!

There wreen't any posting last week on this blog because I was in Galveston at the Lone Star Rally. Suffice to say that I will never work another rally again. After dealing with the cluster f*ck that was the North Texas Rock Rally in July and then what happened last week, I've officially had my fill.

See, I have this weird theory that it takes just as much energy to be polite to someone as it does to be rude. Last Saturday I sat on the curb of Harborside and told Tigger Liddell some of the antics going on. He said I had no business being down there -- get back to Dallas and let those boys in Houston alone to muddle things up. I got home as soon as I could!

Since I have no confidentiality agreements signed, I've decided to write a tell all article as soon as The Illustrious One gives me clearance to start updating again -- which I hope will be soon!

Another thing I noticed about Houston, for the most part chivalry is dead. Men in Dallas are polite more often than not -- they hold doors, they say "thank you", and they would be horrified if they were able bodied and a girl was doing the work.

Houston? Oh God. Chivalry is so dead in that region I think it never existed. Houston is smoggy, lousy drivers, they have a fixation with this funky lime green coloured salsa, the guys are rude and the women aren't much better.


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