Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Posers & Users

This afternoon Magoo and I were at a meeting that quasi-had to do with the show. Afterwards we went to get some dinner and about mid-way through he mentioned how he seemed to have fallen off of a certain someone's radar. Even though Magoo considered this guy a friend, once he was no longer in a position to pony up tickets he suddenly was treated as persona non grata.

Since the topic had been placed on the table I told him my experiences with this guy, The Illustrious One and Teri's experiences. Suffice to say that all 4 of us have come to the same independent conclusion on this wannabe.

It never fails -- if anyone has anything remotely to do with the entertainment world, you somehow end up on the fast dial of any poser that doesn't want to pony up an admission price. What these posers fail to realize is that for those of us on the giving side, this ain't exactly our first rodeo. We know you're using us and we will oblidge you if it's not too much of an inconvenience.

And what would really go far is if there was some sort of reciprication in return. Someone comps you $140 in concert tickets -- get them a token gift. And at the very least your happy ass should say "Thank you."

Also, if you do a "favor" for someone in the entertainment world, don't assume that your favor was nothing more than an advance payment for several hundred dollars worth of tickets. I saw this poser first hand, loan a portable cooling fan to the promotions director of a radio station so the PD could use it for his daughter's outdoor birthday party. When the fan was returned, the poser hit up the PD for a Santa-Claus-is-coming-to-town wish list of tickets he "needed in return".

Now keep in mind this is after this poser had hit the PD up for additional tickets to a gig just the week before.

So rude.

And what is sad in a twisted way is that this poser probably hasn't even put the pieces of the puzzle together yet -- "Let's see, 2 months and the clique of people I used to speak to on an almost daily basis are all still really tight but I have no part any longer. Nope...couldn't be me." And the poser is off to cultivate a new clique of people to try to use.

All I have to say in closing to that is that kharma is a bitch.


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