Sunday, November 12, 2006

Idle Ramblings....

Yesterday I finally took some time to myself after 2 weeks of non-stop motorcycle stuff. I went to go see A Good Year starring Russell Crowe. I went because one of my favourite authors, Peter Mayle, wrote the book. Usually I am hesitatnt about seeing films from books I like -- several years later and I am still horribly disappointed that Clint Eastwood did such a lousy job with In The Garden of Good & Evil -- what a fantastic book that was!

Anyway, so the general storyline was maintained and the cinematography was fabulous. Provence was just a visual dream. I recommend it.

I still want to see Borat -- it looks silly funny.


Today I went to Chiliepepperama which is held at Old Town (Greenville @ Lovers) that my friend Marsha is the event director for. I thought I was just stopping by for an hour or so - ended up staying 5 hours. I guess one of the challenges of knowing a little bit about the events business is that others in that world know it also so you get wrangled into service.

I kept receiving swag, tequilla shots and margaritas and I also tried various chilies -- though one was like a meat! The boys at KZPS were all over me like bees on honey - I've protested attending their events due to the Magoo situation. Landon took me on at Atari Pong -- one of the original machines from God only knows how long ago! He won -- but in my defense the damn paddle could have been a bit more receptive and quicker!

Lots of people kept coming up to me complimenting the article in the Dallas Business Journal. Since I was out of town the weeks it was on the stands, this was the first time I was confronted by so many people that had read it.

One odd thing is that some people kept looking at me like they knew me - but I don't know why because I didn't recognize them. And I doubt it was my bike jacket because other people on bikes were there.

I did have an amusing conversation with one of the guys there -- he asked if I listened to Steppenwolf and I told him him I was more likely to be listening to Scissor Sisters' Filthy/Gorgeous than Born to be Wild.

And that made me think -- I would really like to see 2 Wheel Passport convey more about today's bikers. I certainly can't be the only person bored to tears with the same music playlist at bike events or shows -- Steppenwolf, Molly Hatchet, ZZ Top, etc. Nothing against those bands - it's just so expected. But as luck would have it, 2WP has someone very dynamic in place to handle the music.


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