Friday, November 24, 2006

Deep Thoughts...

Some people think I'm odd because I carry hand sanitizer with me everywhere. I prefer the kind from Bath & Body Works because it's often on sale for $2.50, an assortment of fragrances, comes in gel and lotion options and has moisturizing beads embedded. I'm told it's weird for a biker girl to be so anti-germs.

Well, for what it's worth, there is at least one other Texan who takes it even more seriously than I. A couple nights ago a man was at a bar called Tumbleweeds in Ft. Worthless, saw another patron use the mens room and didn't wash his hands after tucking Mr. Johnson away. This man berated the nasty guy and ended up stabbing him 4 times. Nasty man lived and the other man is in jail.

Ah ha! See -- it's not just me.

So the Russians are still at it? Russian President Vladimir Putin is saying the death of Alexander Litvinenko wasn't "that painful."

WTF? The guy died a brutal death over 3 weeks from radiation poisoning from a substance that is so rare less than 100 grams a year are produced every year world wide, there are traces of this substance at the restaurant and hotel Litvinenko was at before he became so ill.


The College Republicans at Boston University have caused quite the bru-ha-ha with their $250 Caucasian Achievement & Recognition Scholarship. A BU student must be at least 1/4 caucasian in order to apply and write 2 essays.

Evidentally, it's ok to have race specific scholarships for blacks, latins, indians, etc. etc., but not caucasians. Seems rather discriminatory to have race specific scholarships but if it's ok for everyone else, why shouldn't it be ok for caucasians?


So today I stopped by A Bikers Christmas that my friend Tigger is holding at Market Hall -- naturally and gun & knife show is being held in the next hall - and I met some interesting people. Amongst some of the females I spoke with at the booths, was the topic of "Do girls who ride like to perpetuate this "bitch, rode hard & put up wet, let's flash our boobs at everyone" mentality?


If I want to see topless women, I'll go to a strip club or pull up an web site -- but since I don't bat for that team the only time I go to a strip club is when KZPS is having an event at Silver City.

I don't think it's cute or funny to be called a bitch -- even if a another female does it. That makes about as much sense is a blacks calling one another "niggas".

I think it just boils down to the concept that if you don't treat yourself with respect, why should anyone else?


Ch-ch-changes at Exile Cycles: So if you've ever dealt with Exile, you've probably dealt with Dan Hugh-Jones. For reasons, I don't know at this point, is no longer with Exile. He's going to chill for a couple weeks and then jump into his next adventure.


While on the topic of British boys in LA - there is a certain someone that will probably be doing all the music for 2 Wheel Passport. I was doing some researching online and found a "fan's" web site -- this fan is a 46 year old woman in Pittsburg.

Some of her recent comments included her realization that some of his lyrics made references to drug use and she now wonders how she could have ever been a fan.

She also said that the articles seem to say very little and that maybe he is nothing more than a "beautiful bimbo".

I guess the concept that he might want to keep his personal life personal, never dawned on her.

She also critiqued the fact that he was in Philadelphia or Pittsburg a few months ago with one of the bands he performs in and even though it's been 4 years since she's seen him, she held out hope that there might be something between them?

Did this 46 year old groupie expect him to ring her up? Has he been pining away for her all this time? With the thousands of people he's been exposed to just this year on the US and European tours, he's got no one else to think of?

Could be but not likely.

I speak to him on the phone about once every 2 weeks and I know a fair amount about his history - as a working relationship, if he was a male bimbo I wouldn't have anything to do with him. But from a working standpoint, he's dead on.

Why do girls act so ridiculous when it comes to the boys in the bands? Things that make you go "Hmmmm..."


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