Monday, November 27, 2006

The Latest News on "2 Wheel Passport"


DALLAS – November 27, 2006 – Dallas-based Banned Breed Productions, the television production company behind the new travel series “2 Wheel Passport,” has awarded online broadcasting rights of the show to InCommand Broadcasting Inc. (iCB). iCB is a division of Nations Broadband Corporation, a privately held telecommunications corporation which has operated worldwide for more than 15 years.

“2 Wheel Passport,” which will take viewers to various scenic destinations across the United States on a motorcycle, was initially broadcasted in Europe where it was a hit travel/destination program. Banned Breed Productions will begin filming the U.S. version of “2 Wheel Passport” in early 2007. They are working in tandem with London-based Hub TV, the producer of the original European show.

“With the advent of devices such as iPod videos and the increasing popularity of sites such as, we are seeing that the web is allowing freedom for productions that have not been available via mainstream broadcasters,” said Raine Devries, co-producer of ‘2 Wheel Passport.’ “Broadcasting ‘2 Wheel Passport’ on the web enables us to immediately target viewers around the world because the series will be available 24 hours a day. In addition, we now have a full hour in length rather than the 46 minutes available on traditional channels – which increases the content time by 24%. It’s a big world to see on two wheels – but it’s getting smaller every day due to the fast changes in technology.”

The Wall Street Journal recently heralded the arrival of web-based TV programming with an article headlined ‘Made-for-Web Shows are the Next Big Thing” (Oct.31, 2006). In that article, the national news publication highlighted a select group of web TV upstarts and the increased interest generated among national brands looking to reach new audiences.

Each episode of “2 Wheel Passport” will be available to watch online at and for download onto iPods and MP3s. Route maps, itineraries, GPS coordinates, and restaurant and lodging recommendations will also be available for download to navigation systems, computers and other devices. This allows the viewer to literally take the show with them as they travel to the same destinations and enables them to locate specific routes, sights and stopping places that they wish to experience for themselves.

About “2 Wheel Passport”
The series “2 Wheel Passport” was initially broadcast in Europe in 2003 and is now beginning U.S. production for broadcast to a global market. The new incarnation will take advantage of today’s rapidly changing technology by utilizing the web to provide downloadable GPS maps, restaurant and lodging reviews and making the series available for download to iPods and computers. Up to date series details are available at Banned Breed Productions --

About iCB and Nation’s Broadband Corporation
In-Command Broadcasting is a division of Nations Broadband Corporation, a privately held corporation which has operated worldwide for over 15 years. It was founded with a vision of enhancing worldwide telecommunication services, as well as the telecommunications power of the Internet by integrating and developing cutting edge services and technologies for the communications revolution. The company was founded by telecommunications industry veterans with proven track records of successful ventures. Since the telecom industry’s deregulation, Nations has been instrumental in providing reliable state of the art broadcasting, telecommunication, technology, and Internet-based services to business all over the world. In fact, Nations is recognized, approved, certified and tariffed by the FCC and the States’ Public Utility Commissions, and other worldwide organizations.

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