Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The Las Vegas BikeFest Partnership announced today that the dates for future Las Vegas BikeFest™ events have been changed beginning with next year’s 2007 rally.

After nearly two years of analysis, surveys and discussions with industry stakeholders, the decision has been made to change the traditional date pattern for Las Vegas BikeFest™ in order to place the event during a period when temperatures are more conducive to traditional outdoor motorcycle rally activities.

Beginning with the 2007 event, the event dates will be two to three weeks later then the historic pattern in the middle of September.

The 20 year weather history for Las Vegas shows that average high temperatures during mid-September are 94ºF - 96ºF, and can often be over 100ºF. A change by two to three weeks moves Las Vegas BikeFest to a period when the average high temperature drops to 86ºF - 88ºF – perfect rally weather.

“The 2006 Las Vegas BikeFest had unseasonably moderate weather and both vendors and attendees have told us it was the most enjoyable Las Vegas BikeFest ever”, states Harry Schwartz, Full Throttle Events, one of the Las Vegas BikeFest partners.

The Las Vegas BikeFest dates for the next 10 years will be:

2007: September 27 – 30
2008: October 2 – 5
2009: October 1 – 4
2010: September 30 – October 3
2011: September 29 – October 2
2012: October 4 – 7
2013: October 3 – 6
2014: October 2 – 5
2015: October 1 – 4
2016: September 29 – October 2

The 7th annual Las Vegas BikeFest™ will be held September 27-30 in the most famous 24-hour city, Las Vegas, Nevada. The event will consist of the Vendor Village at Cashman Center with over 300 manufacturers and vendors, and activities such as Poker Runs and competitions, and non-stop entertainment. Artistry in Iron, Master Builders’ Championship will also take place at Cashman Center. 40,000 bikers and enthusiasts are expected to be in attendance.

Las Vegas BikeFest™ is produced by the Las Vegas BikeFest Partnership made up of ConvExx and Full Throttle Events. Las Vegas BikeFest™ information is available at, or call toll-free 866-BIKEFEST (866-245-3337) or e-mail

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