Sunday, November 19, 2006

Bike Stuff -- Big Surprise

Yesterday The Illustrious One, Magoo and I attended the International Motorcycle Show in Ft. Worth. Made a few good contacts.

Today I ventured out to Terrell to assist with the packaging of care packs that are being shipped out to the service men & women serving overseas in battle zones. A group called Soldier Angels was organizing it.


There's a new amusing video from Harley that you can see here:


So in the world of biking, you have those that take the mindset of, "As long as you are on a bike, that's all that matters," and then you have those that are very brand loyal.

I confess, I don't know a lot about Honda Gold Wings, but I do know they had a "Wing Ding" here a couple years ago and everyone was wearing pajama bottoms for some reason when they were riding and a few weeks ago someone else told me that when they rode with a Gold Wing's group for a couple years, they finally had it give it up because it seemed like every 10 miles they stopped for ice cream.

Anyway, so maybe that's a little background into why the following was sent out:

Top Ten Reasons Why Gold Wing Riders Don't Wave Back

  1. Wasn't sure whether other rider was waving or making an obscene gesture.
  2. Afraid might get frostbite if hand is removed from heated grip.
  3. Has arthritis and the past 400 miles have made it difficult to raise arm.
  4. Reflection from etched windshield momentarily blinded him.
  5. The espresso machine just finished.
  6. Was actually asleep when other rider waved.
  7. Was in a three-way conference call with stockbroker and accessories dealer.
  8. Was distracted by odd shaped blip on radar screen.
  9. Was simultaneously adjusting the air suspension, seat height, programmable CD player, seat temperature and satellite navigation system.
  10. Couldn't find the "auto wave back" button on dashboard.


Kudos to The Sun for laying shame on the British music establishment. When the The Sun get's their teeth into something, they often bring about successful changes. After 25 remarkable years, Depeche Mode has yet to be honored with a lifetime achievement award.

As The Sun put it, if the Spice Girls can get an award like that after only a couple years and 3 albums, then it IS a travesty when a band like Depeche has yet to be honored.


On a spin-off Depeche topic, their band of choice for opening the last tour, Scissor Sisters has a new single out. For those of you still in the dark, SS, is one of the hottest bands in the world right now - but not, in typical fashion, in the U.S. even though this is an American band.

Bono of U2 has even said that SS is one of the best bands out right now.

So, crank up the volume, and have some fun. Oh, and for those of you that are homophobic and don't like eurotrash, tune out now because it's a visual delight to see Jake Shears in that tight leather...Mmmmm!


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