Sunday, December 04, 2005

16 Minutes of Fame in the Mens Room

Today was a very nice -- we rode to Lower Greenville and had a late lunch at Hurricane Grill -- bikes were out everywhere! Then off to West Village for Paciugo - Mmmmmm! I learned today that Paciguo is beginning a rewards program -- just what I needed to hear!! The high temp today was 89 which is a record and it's now 41 degrees... But it is Texas so we will be in the 30's within a couple days.

Here are my soap box issues for the day:

This image is of Cindy Sheehan - that liberal chick from California who has been disowned by her own family and is trying to squeeze as much air time as possible out of her protests in Crawford. Her 15 minutes are long gone and here is a classic example of her 16th minute -- sitting alone waiting for her adoring fans (that never arrived) to show up so she could sign her "book":

We've got troops in hot spots around the world trying to do their best in a hard situation - it's a damn shame that more people don't realize that the crazies of the world use twits like Cindy Sheehan as propaganda against us in their own lands.

This crazy broad served a big ass "traditional" Iraqi meal on Thanksgiving to her limited adoring fan(atics). Like the Iraqi people had insane amounts of food at all at any time in the past two decades? And now she is available for speaking engagemets -- for $$$ of course!!

Our American military is kicking ass so that someone like her can profit from criticizing them....skanky ho.

***************************************** -- So as it's December, take this time to NOT spend quite so much on crap that your spoiled relatives and friends don't need and instead donate to -- this is real help that you can do.


On a lighter note, I sometimes wonder if I should start to venture into mens rooms -- this photo montage behind the urinals is classic! If I decide to open a club someday, I would definitely want this included!

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