Tuesday, December 13, 2005

All Things Purple...

Today I was at Sports Authority trying to find some new workout gloves. The pair I love, which are gray with purple trim have vanished. The only ones I can find are gray with light blue. I bought them because they were the only ones that had the materials I like -- the suede isn't too thick and the mesh material breathes nicely.

So I turn to go towards the check out -- now remember I don't like to shop -- and I am confronted with a wall filled with a cavalcade of colour -- ultraviolet & black. The PERFECT ultraviolet at that!!! The kind that you ONLY hand wash in the gentlest of soaps to preserve the colour.

So tonite I am searching online -- both the Adidas site, Ebay, Google, etc., trying to find this collection. The best I can do is one jacket and a sports bra -- but there were lots of things in this collection and nothing else is showing up on web searches!

So I am on Google searching with "Adidas Ultraviolet" and one of the results is for The Purple Store -- an entire online store dedicated to all things purple. Now based upon by background when I showed horses, I am well acquainted that the leg wraps match the harness which match the blankets, etc. But I was NOT prepared to see a purple hoof pick! Purple & rich emerald green look best on black horses -- I have a thing for black horses.

I wonder if there is an online store dedicated to just green?!

So I've got this weird fixation with purple -- not only does it signify royalty but it's also proven to be excellent in times of stress. Also, I said for years that I would someday own a purple & chrome Las Vegas tacky Harley Davidson. Well, my boyfriend bought his bike a month before I got mine -- he asked if I liked the purple or dark green better -- naturally I didn't think and said purple. So when it came time to get my bike, I got black. But I am about to get her tricked out in a whole theme which will be revealed once it's completed

Forgive me for babbling -- I've been up for 17 hours, had only 4 hours sleep last night and took 1 too many Lipo 6's today.

If anyone has suggestions on where to find that Adidas Ultraviolet/Black collection online -- I would greatly appreciate a heads up. Christmas & Birthday are coming up and I would like to add a link to my online Wishlist!!!