Thursday, December 15, 2005

Good Help on 2 Wheels Is Hard To Find...

Around 6'ish tonite the phone rings -- it's Nicky Bootz. Why the hell would he be receiving fan emails from the UK?

"Uhmmmmmmm.....Is this a trick question," I reply?

As I am walking to my computer to see an email he has forwarded me he's going on about "what the fuck?!" I quickly scan the email as he is saying ..."is the show already on?"

I've no idea.

So a quick check of the Men & Motors web site and voi-friggin-la, the 10 show series "Wright Across America" that Nicky filmed with former Arsenal player Ian Wright indeed premiered tonite. The only problem was no one bothered to tell Nicky is was scheduled for broadcast!

For those of you that read this blog often, you may recall a post I made a few weeks ago about Nicky & Ian and the 4 pound steaks in Amarillo.....yes, dear ones, this would be THAT show.

So emails have been sent to the production company, who shall remain unnamed at this point, to send the damn tapes to Nicky so he can see the series also!! My God, good help is so hard to find.

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