Thursday, December 08, 2005

Shopping with the French Military

So why do people looooove to shop? I know it's a rampant situation -- people will shop even when they don't have anything specific they need. It's become a bit of social therapy for them.

Me - forget it....I would be like the gay guys from In Living Color who were the critics -- "Hated It!!" and two snaps down.

I once looked at the same $40 velvet pillow in a Bloomingdales by Mail catalog for 4 months before I finally ordered it. That was probably 10 years ago, I still have it, I still like it. I think that's a major difference between me and say -- the boyfriend who is a friggin shopping junkie. Based upon my brief decade of experience with him, it seems like it's the thrill of the chase, feeling in control, etc. etc. He gets absolutely giddy when he shops whereas I hyperventilate because I have a death grip on my cash.

So I read this article about people getting a rush due to a chemical called "dopamine" -- I am on a quest now to see if I can find a homeopathy version and that way when the boyfriend has an urge to go shopping, get him to take a happy, healthy version of dopamine so that by the time he hits whatever store he was going to, hopefully the rush he gets when shopping would be gone....or at least more under control and therefore not as expensive. I love him but damn he's worse than a billionaire's kept woman at shopping.

The other sucky thing is that sometimes I just want to go out and look. Decorative accessories, much like men, I often just want to look at -- I sure as hell don't want to buy them and take them home. But I can't do that with the boyfriend because he'll be like, "I can't spend any cash," and my response is, "Why do we have to spend money? I just want to look." But, no can do.

Isn't that just Murphy's Law -- a guy that loves to shop with a girl that doesn't. How many women would love to have a guy like that and how many guys would love to have a girl like me? But the good thing is that the boy is one helluva good dresser when he feels like showing off. He gives a whole new level to the term "metrosexual" and I do love him for that.


You have got to try this out: Go to and type in "French military victories" and click on "I'm Feeling Lucky" -- you will get the following result:


Quote of the Day: "I bought a self learning record to learn Spanish. I turned it on and went to sleep; the record got stuck. The next day I could only stutter in Spanish."........Steven Wright