Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Idle Wanderings...

It's 2:23 a.m. and when I finally do go to sleep I imagine it will be another brief nite of only a couple hours than I shall arise and pop a Lipo 6 to get the day on the fast track. I suppose I could take up drinking coffee but by the time I'm done "enhancing" it with cream & sugar it might as well be jamocha ice cream.


I received a lovely email from an attractive man in Spain - a nice, yet unexpected, perk to having this blog.

I highly recommend checking out Javier Marti's blog as he has some very interesting art work.

Here is a link to Javier and his bike.


So while pursuing The Isle of Light blog, I saw a link to a site called Reality Shifters. I was unfamiliar with that term and after reviewing the site I was actually quite pleased to know that I finally know how to categorize some odd experiences I have had in my life.


Another interesting thing today is Frappr - it has all sorts of groups that may share common interests. If one of them appeals to you, you join up and your on the map also -- I've always like knowing where in the geographic world people are -- I don't care about ages, but I like locations.

Here is one of the groups I am a member of - -- I really like all things French -- except their politics. Personally, I think they were better off before the storming of the Bastille!!


Ahhh and this was toooo kewl -- you can have your stamps printed up at -- definitely check this one out!!

I told my boyfriend, "You can lick me all you want with these!!"