Tuesday, December 27, 2005

It's Short & Sweet Tonite....

For those in the Texas biking community, poker runs have long been an avenue utilized to get riders out on their bikes while raising money for worthwhile causes. Recently, the Texas Attorney General has begun looking into this issue to determine if this falls under gambling. The determination is that it is gambling and falls under the Texas Penal Code and is illegal.

The Texas Motorcycle Rights Association has announced that they will be confering with attorneys and legislators to discuss what, if any, options there are short of introducing new legislation.

Additional biker news is online at www.2WheelPassport.com.


Nicky Bootz sent me a copy of the first installment of "Wright Across America" staring Nicky & Ian Wright -- hopefully it will work in my DVD player. Nicky told me that sometimes the older DVD players are having emotional issues playing the newly burned DVD's.