Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Nicky -- Sir Anthony Hopkins -- Hpnotiq -- GPS

Finally saw Wright Across America starring Nicky Bootz and Ian Wright and it is GOOOOOD!! At least episode one is. Nicky saw episode 2 last night and is sending a copy to me...he likes that one also.

It is so nice to finally see a bike related program that is authentic -- "...after riding a staggering 27.3 miles, Nicky stops for a beer..."

I haven't a clue what made it to air because according to the title, we received the non-bleeped version. It was very good -- not too profanity ridden but just enough for spice. Poor Ian at the alligator farm -- LOL!

I don't know if it'll make it to the air in the U.S. -- but it really ought to!


Received my passes to the advance screening of World's Fastest Indian starring Sir Anthony Hopkins. That will be next Wednesday at the Magnolia Theater in the West Village.

If you happen to be there also, be sure to say hello -- I have really long auburn hair and (drum roll please) a black Harley. She's a Low Rider.


While I am not a hard core drinker, I am quite fond of Corona, a properly made Pimm's Cup and select vodkas. I have to admit I was bowled over by Hpnotiq -- it absolutely ROCKS! Want to buy me a gift for the upcoming birthday (January Friday the 13th -- hint hint) -- just get me a big-ass bottle of this. It is so damn good! Mmmmm!!

This can be purchased online and shipped to me via


I had a thought last night about the GPS phenomenon. I'm sure others have considered this but it only hit me last night. Men will no longer be chided over their inability to ask for directions. The little wench in the GPS box tells them where to go and since there's no visual, they can fantasize all they want about what she looks like and what kind of directions she might give them in other situations!!