Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Primal Screams....

So it's 2006 -- how the hell did that happen?! I would have updated this sooner, but I tried juggling a glass of water over the keyboard and fried half of it and then procrastinated for 2 days to get a new keyboard because, after all, it was a holiday.

Long conversation with Exile Cycles today about the Real Original Biker Build-Off series. You can get the details at www.2WheelPassport.com. I'm trying to make an effort to segue to 2WP for all the biker stuff since I've been bestowed with the title of "Managing Editor" for that biker e-zine. I'm trying to get pumped back up and in the groove. After so many months of thankless work with the print publication, I guess I needed a few weeks to get back into the swing of things.


So the other day I was thinking about pretty men -- I don't know what it is about me but I've always been visually drawn towards "pretty" men. And though I have ridiculously few female acquaintances, they are almost always aghast at my choices in pretty men. But the guys they are ga-ga over I don't even remember. One girl in particular pointed out her ex to me no less than 4 times over the course of a few weeks, yet every single time I could look straight at him and it wouldn't even incite the slightest wave of recognition in my mind. I think it's safe to say that he ceased to intrigue me therefore was unmemorable.

And then for me there are the boys I remember looooong after the fact down to the most minute detail. About 2 years ago, in the place I lived before, the room I worked in was on the corner of the house, which was on a corner lot. Almost every day I would notice this guy, ageless - he could have been early 20's or late 30's - and his hair was always tied back into a pony tail and he would be carrying a single bag of groceries.

The one day, when I was on the phone no less, I glanced up and saw him and I swear I caught my breath. For the first time ever he had his shirt off and his hair loose and there was only one word to sum that visual up -- stunning. His body was perfect -- just enough muscles to be defined, slight 6-pack abdomen but not too muscular. And the hair -- oh my God the hair. Down to his mid-back and just flowing like a wild horses' chestnut mane.

And the part that drives the females I know nuts is that I have no interest in meeting or pursuing these guys -- I just love the visual beauty of them.

So then I started thinking about other pretty men - my attraction is pretty standard fare every time - something about the hair, something about the body, something about the eyes. Most of the guys I am visually intrigued with have dark hair and intriguing eyes. And most of them understand the importance of eye liner. Oh yes -- if cosmetics can help a girl look better, trust me, just a hint of liner can add a unique something to a guy.

It's a good thing that I work in the industry that I do -- no room for a straight-laced banker type. And the weird thing - is that guys like that make me incredibly nervous. I've always felt like they were hiding something. My experience has been the rock star biker types have their persona out in the open but once you scratch the surface you find someone incredibly nice beneath.

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Crazy Horse said...

Handsome men. I wish there was a cure for it. Had my share, even married one. Still married to him. I love him so much. He's nearly 60 and most women still say he's handsome. He doesn't feel he is anymore. Yeah we all have to get old. And some have better bone structure to hold up the skin, my husband is one of those.