Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Prayers Needed for Brice Judy of Outlaw Custom Cycles

The past couple weeks, Brice has really been on my mind. Today I phoned his shop and all the numbers were disconnected - not a good sign. I called my neighbour, Jimbo, who also works with Jerry Covington, to ask if he has spoken with Brice recently. No.

Then I call Jimmie Lee at Three Two Choppers and he gives me some info that I just didn't believe for some reason. Finally, I go in touch with Victor who owns Interceramic Tile and he gave me correct info --

Brice is not doing well at all. He is now in ICU at Presbyterian of Plano and they believe he only has a few days left to live. He is allowed visitors so I am going up there tomorrow and taking print outs of emails I have received from others -- Iron Horse, Hellanbach, River City Bike Fest, etc. - offering their prayers.

Why is it always the good ones that go soonest? Brice is SO nice to everyone and has built some outstanding bikes. A couple years ago a cancerous tumor was removed - it was growing on the exterior of the brain. About a year later, another tumor in the same location.

This past May, Brice was hosting a big crawfish boil at his shop and feeling great. In June he totaled his car in a wreck -- a seizure due to another tumor growing but this time it was inside his brain.

Now - I'm being told his life is being measured in mere days if not hours.

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