Thursday, January 12, 2006

Preparations for Day of Decadence

January 2006 has that most decadent of days -- Friday the 13th with a Full Moon....and it's my birthday -- I love gifts. Like the Victoria's Secret ad campaign states -- "everything she wants and nothing she needs".

What a gift is -- someone that has taken the time to consider who you are as a person and tried their damndest to find the perfect gift. If they aren't willing to do that - just toss me a gift card but at least make sure it's to a store that I will actually visit - like Z Gallerie or Whole Foods.

So what is a completely impractical gift that would be so fantastic? A sterling silver noisemaker from Tiffany's.

I have requested the exact same thing everytime I have been asked by a certain person in my life what I wanted for birthday, Christmas, anniversary since 1999. For some insane reason he refuses to buy it -- and I've never understood why.

And like my friend RT says, "At some point you'd think he'd just buy the damn thing because obviously you want it since you've requested it since the last century."

To me it makes perfect sense as a gift request -- I am nutty about decorative accessories, I adore sterling silver / white gold / platinum, I like unique & different items - I could just go on and on.

Oh and if this isn't just classic of how much I do NOT go to shopping malls - I finally saw an Ipod in person last week at the Mac store. I have no idea how long those things have been out but if you have Karl Lagerfeld designing Ipod "jukeboxes" for those that have more than 10 Ipods and Levi debuting a jean with an Ipod pocket - they seem to be as common as watches these days.

Hmmmmm...speaking of which I don't have a watch either. But I do have a portable DVD player which has come in quite handy.

So hopefully the birthday cocktail hour will go well tomorrow -- seems to be a diverse group joining in on the celebration. In fact, since Friday the 13th only happens twice a year, I'm thinking that should become my "thing" -- hosting a cocktail party on that night.