Sunday, January 08, 2006

Jan 8 -- Happy Birthday to Elvis & Bowie

Last nite I attended an impromptu get together. Once everyone arrived the directions were to grab something out of one of the 2 horribly overstuffed freezers and prepare for dinner. The people who own the house will be back tomorrow -- they needed their freezers cleaned out!

The DVD for the evening was Under the Tuscan Sun - I've not seen that since it was in the theaters.

Today I attended bi-monthly get together that Patrick Stephens hosts at Hot Rods & Hoggs in Arlington. Amazing how well some of those guys can balance on their bikes. I think the most impressive stunt was when Patrick has his bike balancing straight up in the air on its rear tire and he did a headstand using only the seat and back of the bike as leverage.

Patrick recenty returned from shows in China and has been invited to return in May for the Moto GP in Shanghai -- big kudos to him!

Jason Martin of Martin Bros Bikes., was also there trying out his new Panasonic mini-DV camera and he was definitely enjoying himself with that toy. On the business side they are working on a new bike for comedian Carlos Mencia - who you must see in person as his show is very funny!