Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Bikers - Last Meals - Attention

For the bikers - there is new info at www.2WheelPassport.com - including info on a new air suspension system and the lates press releases from Harley-Davidson.


I saw an article mentioning how pissed off Keith Richards is that he is no longer on the Top 100 for Death List. I was intrigued in a disturbing way on what this site is. Turns out they list the top 100 famous people they think will die in a given year.

The only thing that tops that was when the Texas Department of Corrections listed what the last meals were for the executed. For some reason they decided that was in bad taste so dropped that section. I always found it odd that it seemed to be primarily "inner child" food that was requested -- lots of sweets, comfort foods and fried stuff. You can check it out for yourself at www.DeadManEating.com.


Have you ever had a situation where you wish someone would pay attention to you but they don't -- yet for some reason people you never considered were interested in you suddenly seem to be very interested in you?

I had 2 phone calls tonite from guys I never thought twice about -- things that make you go Hmmmmm....and it does make me wonder about this sudden spurt of attention.

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Grey Biker said...

I had heard about the death list on the radio station I listen to. I've never cared about the last meals but I guess we all have a certain morbid curosity.