Wednesday, January 11, 2006

"How can anyone who even looks at a horse not see their soul? I think the people who abuse horses lost their souls long ago. They're dead inside.".......Maggie, Age 7

I apologize for the serious nature of this post; however, this is a serious situation. What is Texas without horses?

The sad but true fact is that out of 3 horse slaughter plants in the United States, 2 of them are in Texas.

The facts include:

  • Horses that are slaughtered are NOT done so in a humane way
  • The slaughterhouses are owned by FOREIGN companies which means these are not financially viable companies to the state
  • They mostly employ illegal laborers so that money isn't benefiting the state either
  • The Horses are NOT old and decripit - they are usually in very good shape because horsemeat is a delicacy in some parts of Europe & Japan

The Texas Attorney General has ruled that these plants are breaking Texas law, yet this issue has been in court & before Congress for 2 years. Finally, there was light at the end of the tunnel - now suddenly, the U.S. Department of Agriculture is trying to suck up to the slaughterhouse owners.

Please review the Wednesday, 11 January 2006, Dallas Morning News story on this recent action.

PLEASE get involved by contacting the Department of Agriculture and your local Congress persons & Senators to let them know you OPPOSE this recent action by the DoA.

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