Monday, January 09, 2006

The Bachelor - Gastric Bypass - Nikki Sixx...

Tonite I inadvertantly saw that The Bachelor has hit the airwaves again -- UGH!! I hate that show - despise, deplore, patooey patooey, yech. I know, I know -- I should tell you how I really feel. Just goes to show how "dummied" down the American viewing audience is that that damn show keeps resurfacing like a bad virus.


Another quasi vent / observation is this mad fixation with gastric bypass in its many forms. I have come to the conclusion that people want their will power to be taken away from them. By having gastric bypass done, the person has no option but to not eat but a few teaspoons. And from what I've been hearing, only certain foods can be consumed.

A person does not get to be obese in a few weeks so its not going to be possible for them to drop all that weight in a few weeks. But we live in a "get it now" society so that is the norm these days. To hell with working out at the gym -- to hell with pilates in your own home - to hell with juicing and eating a "portion" (which should only be about the size of a deck of cards).

Don't these people consider the long term effects? By just shutting off a huge portion of the stomach and not exercising means that big loosy bits of flesh will be hanging off of their bodies -- their underarms, abdomen, thighs, etc. And isn't that just a boon for the plastic surgeons that then have to swoop in and magically cut all the excess flesh off to make the person look "good" in their summer outfits.

I think bypass is a solution for some people but not for this mass that has run to it because they are just too lazy to eat properly and exercise.

No one is addressing the reasons why a person gained weight to begin with -- thyroid out of whack? Emotional eating? Etc? They are just masking the problems.

So then a person looses all this weight but do they really feel good about themselves afterwards? Don't they have the same issues they did before they got heavy? And if they do -- and most of them will -- how will those issue remanifest themselves -- because they always do.


And now I change gears again -- Nikki Sixx. I adore him. He's not the best bassist in the world and he acknowledges that but his driving force and visualization for what Motley Crue could be should be an example to us all. If you have not read The Dirt, which is the Crue's quasi-autobiography, I highly recommend it.

Nikki has his site which he keeps updated quite regularly with his photography -- you should definitely check it out.