Thursday, January 26, 2006

Relevant Info & Idle Ramblings

Talked to Starr at Von Dutch today. He just returned from Sturgis where the mayor told him they were setting aside a primo location right in the middle of Main Street to display the 2006 Sturgis bike that Von Dutch is building. Supposedly this has never been done before so if you happen to be one of the 700,000 attendees this year and happen to cruise down Main Street - you will definitely see the bike.


On the topic of Sturgis - but from one of my anonymous sources - the powers that be in the city of Sturgis are supposedly talking to the powers that be within that county to find out what their options are for annexing as much as they can. Evidentally the city is a bit miffed that some of the big boys are setting up shop just outside the city limits so they don't have to mess with the taxes, etc. We shall see if this is fact or fiction.


In strange news - the Malaysian government is setting up an official committee to try to track down "Bigfoot". Logic would say they could probably use money towards rebuilding the destroyed coast from the tsunami's -- but I guess not.


The famous 2nd Avenue Deli in New York City closed down due to the rent jumping up to $36,000 per month. I'm mentioning this because I had one of those lasting childhood experiences in that place.

My grandfather liked to take me to NYC in late July every year to go shopping for school clothes. He would also hire a limo so I could leave my purchases in the car without having to lug everything around.....yes, it was nice being the only grandchild!

We stopped in the Deli one day for lunch and nothing on the menu appealed to me. So I asked for a Ham & Cheese sandwich - oh dear God the waiter reacted like I was part of the SS - what the hell does some kid from Dallas with questionable religious influences know about kosher Jewish food?!

Why do people bitch so much about Simon Cowell's judging on American Idol? I've yet to see him NOT be dead on correct. Music is a vicious industry - all this love & kisses & rainbows that Paula & Randy would have you believe is false. Doesn't happen -- not true.

Paula & Randy are primarily enteratiners - Simon is from the business side with one hellua track record - more than 20 years in the industry including 10 years as an exec with BMG, achieved sales of over 25 million with the artists he's signed, over 70 top 30 records and 17 number 1 singles -- to all the naysayers - suck it up - he knows what he's talking about better than anyone else on that show.

Every major label is owned by some mammoth corporate entity that answers to stockholders. Some bands - after they've been put into the studio with true professional & placed in the loving hands of the most ruthless of stylists & chosen their name from the pre-approved list in Big Brother's office - actually make it to the light of day and their videos or CD are released. About half of them don't and they go back to their former lives bemoaning about "woulda, coulda, shoulda" had that label just not busted their balls.

So yes - Simon is right. If you have any interest in the music industry and you don't agree with him - you have no business being in the music biz.

There are times when I am thankful for being a very fast reader. Like when I get my fix of The Sun,
Page Six & Cindy Adams.

The Sun rocks because they call it like they see it - to hell with political correctness. In the States you get this ridiculous "....alleged child molester John Doe...." whereas with the Brits you get "....pervert John Doe...." Hell yes, thank you. Call it like you see it.

Then there's the New York Post with Page Six & Cindy Adams. Six is good because it's short & sweet. Cindy is just one ballsy broad whose bravado is much appreciated by yours truly. In today's article she states:

".....A prenup pre-settles disputes in the allocation of marital property. Arguing over pots and pans and who gets grandma's silverware is expensive. With every argument the lawyer's cash register goes ka-ching, even if yours does not. George Clooney seems to have the only antidote to a divorce wrangle. Stay single.

And of course there is the all-time, old-time serpent in the person of a third party snaking between the two. Statistics state 72 percent of the men cheat in America. The rest cheat in Europe. Trust me, there's only two husbands civilization can ever be certain never had a bimbo on the sly. One's Adam. The other's Noah. For some reason this - and I apologize in advance - brings up an old joke. This wife found her cheating husband in bed with yet another lady. This time, a midget. "Don't be angry," he exclaimed. "I'm tapering off."

Now, in legal fact: Prenups must be in writing, signed, officially recorded in the manner of a deed. Parties require full financial disclosure and advice from independent counsel. Each must have reviewed the agreement, which need be entered into voluntarily. New York's Court of Appeals holds that the one contesting has the burden of proving that the other had undue influence or advantage. Smarties solidify that one by videotaping the pleasantries as each signs the document.

Whatever, prenup or no prenup, when a couple breaks up, it usually engenders bitterness - as in the woman who told her lawyer, "I'd divorce him if I could find a way to do it without making him happy."


Javier Marti said...

"In the States you get this ridiculous "....alleged child molester John Doe...." whereas with the Brits you get "....pervert John Doe...." Hell yes, thank you. Call it like you see it."
As long as they are right, no problem. But if they are wrong, they could spoil someone's name, reputation, freedom, and in some countries, life.
As long as it is not you and me, uh, Raine? And as long as they are right...
Do you remember the post in my blog "you are losing your privacy fast"?
We cannot be too fast to accuse without proof. And especially this media people who has such a great influence on millions of people. Lives are ruined after certain headings -it happens a lot in the UK- and people are forced even to leave the country because of that...

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