Sunday, February 26, 2006

Congratulations & Get Well Soon

He did it. Apolo Anton Ohno did not disappoint. I'm glad that Bode received so much pre-Olympic hype because it took the attention off Apolo. Granted he didn't get to defend his gold in the 1500m last week but today the boy kicked ass.

He won gold in the 500m - it was a solid win with no interference. Then he clinched the team 5000m relay for the bronze.

Apolo has now won 5 Olympic medals -- watch out Vancouver 2010!!

On a totally different topic, there's this blogging chick who thinks she is all that and a bag of chips. Let's just say she was less than polite towards someone who was very nice.

Well, some people took her to task for her demeanor. Her response -- block their IP addresses so she could talk smack about them on her blog without them knowing about. But, obviously her blocking actions haven't worked because we know what has been said.

And I understand that many people use their blogs as a daily journal for their trials and tribulations -- but is it really necessary to share the fact that you haven't had a "movement" for more than a week?

Anyway, since PG felt the need to share that information with her viewing audience, all we can do is wish her well and recommend colonics or a good diuretic tea -- get well soon!!!