Sunday, February 12, 2006

Full Moon - Ficken Chingers - Zirh - Fast Cars

It's officially a FULL MOON -- yea!!


I invite everyone to visit Ficken Chingers who is my lovely tenant for this week. It's a fun site you will enjoy visiting!


Also while you are visiting things along the right side navigation of this blog, be sure to check out Zirh -- it is the BEST stuff ever for guys. The Illustrious One looks really good to begin with and has a great complexion but when he uses Zirh -- he looks even better.

You can't really tell from his South Park cartoon character here - but this image is the closest thing I can do to posting his photo without his happy ass going totally ballistic on me.


Stop by Grand Illusions and check out the kewl video clip on the Einstein sculpture -- very fun!


So I went to the meeting of the Lone Star Corvette Club today -- every year out in West Texas there is some road rally where you pay $800 to drive your car 120 mph. The road is desolate out there, it's blocked off from normal traffic, etc. But my God -- that just seems like a long way to travel and a lot of money for something you can do a couple miles away on the George Bush Turnpike at 3:00am for free!!