Saturday, February 11, 2006

Opinions Please

Much thanks to Grey Biker for his feedback on getting the code to work correctly!

Now I invite your feedback -- do you prefer the current background which looks like dark purple crushed velvet?

Or the screen capture of this green background?

Let me know please in the Comments section below -- Thanks!!


Cat said...

Purple/blue is the best. Green seems like it would be hard on the eyes?

Helen said...

I think the green/green combo is easier on the eyes than the purple/green. Or try the pruple/blue. I know you didn't ask for opinions on this but I would move the google ads so they don't block your title. Those flickering ones are very distracting.

Grey Biker said...

Purple is a favorite color I use alot. Looks good.

I do like the rain forest as way to play on your name.

utenzi said...

I usually don't like purple, but in this case it really works. There's a richness to the color that just isn't delivered by the green.

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