Sunday, February 05, 2006

Serious Sunday

Before I get to the heart of today's opinion, I would like to mention that on Super Bowl Sunday, there are higher than normal reports of domestic violence. If you or someone you know is at risk today, please invite them to a film, go to a restaurant, or just get together and watch something on TV -- just get them out of the line of fire for a few hours.


As I've been out of pocket the past few days and have not watched TV or anything, I am intrigued by what I'm hearing about certain individuals of the Muslim faith wrecking havoc over cartoons printed in European I've been reading about the situation online. What it comes down to it appears to be:

What is more important -- Respect for Religious Beliefs or Freedom of Expression?

According to a CNN poll, more than 68% believe Freedom of Expression is more important and I believe this is an excellent example of why the Western countries don't see eye-to-eye with the middle eastern countries. Freedom of Expression is an American thing that is one of the foundations for this country's very existence - and luckily as monarchies fell or changed direction in Europe, the notion took hold there.

Certain individuals in the middle east are so wrapped up in their mantle of the teachings of the Koran and Mohammed, they are promoting the notion of whacking off heads if the likes of "us" dare make any type of witty retorts or try in a sense to inject some humor into a situation.

An Islamic holy guy in Copenhagen has said there will be no compromise because the caricatures have enraged them as their belief bars any depiction of Mohammed to prevent idolatry. They have also called on the government of Denmark to do something to appease the Muslim world and Denmark has replied that they will not interfere with the freedom of the press.

I am curious as to who offends Islam more -- a foreigner who draws a cartoon or a Muslim with an explosive belt who commits suicide in a wedding party?

The Pakistani parliament has stated the cartoons have "hurt the faith and feelings of Muslims all over the world."

Karma is vicious -- seems that the actions on 9/11 and attacks in London and Madrid might have "hurt the faith and feelings" of thousands of people of many different religions due to the maiming or death of their loved ones.

In closing, violence begets violence -- whether that is at home in a domestic violence situation or in another country where Islamic protestors are screaming for beheadings over cartoons -- no good can come from either situation.

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Javier Marti said...

Domestic violence is a huge and interesting (from the sociology viewpoint) proble in Spain.
Yesterday 3 women died of it in one day!
Regarding muslisms and the free expression problem, yesterday I left in awe my father with my opinion.
Basically, I told him that since they are willing to die for their ideas, and we are not, we are going to lose, and the increase in their rights and beliefs in our world, is not only already happening -britain, france- but it is inevitable.
Because -the fundamentalists, not all muslims- are irrational fanatics with whom dialogue is not possible.
The solution? I´ll post it in my blog, but I am sure you´ll be dissapointed...