Friday, February 17, 2006

Sex & Politics....

....goes together like Peanut Butter & Jelly!

I realized that all of this week's posts have had an underlying theme of sex to them - so I decided to wrap off the week with sex.

In today's Dallas Morning News, it was disclosed that Todd Malin, Democrat candidate for the Texas House, used to be a male escort by the name of Todd Sharpe. Malin has acknowledged his past indiscretions and says that he has found God and has tried to be proactive on the right path.

The only reason the DMN found out about this was because another gay Democrat gave them the heads up about it (no pun intended) -- supposedly this other gay guy was concerened that Malin's past would come out at some point and "hurt the party".

Many organizations have endorsed Malin whose and now in light of his past they are "reconsidering" their endorsements. Malin was also one of the top sales people within Mary Kay Cosmetics -- he's one of the few guys to earn that pink cadillac.

So Malin was a man-whore in a previous life -- it makes me wonder, does anyone deserve a second chance at a new life? And if they are worthy, who amongst us in the glass houses hold the right to determine enough penance has been paid before someone is allowed to move on?


So on the topic of gay men -- after much hoopla over Brokeback Mountain, it seems that Midnight Cowboy is suddenly becoming tres chic yet again.

When MC was released, people weren't so much offended by a gay cowboy as they were by the drugs and homelessness as shown in the late 1960's New York City. MC was also rated X when it was released and holds the distinction of being the only X rated film to win the Best Film category at The Oscars.

Now, MC is rated a tame R as our times have changed.


A question was posed to me about gays in Texas -- since we are all Corona chuggling, beer drinking, truck driving, bomb first ask questions later, mentality, how do gays fare in our state?

Pretty damn good actually.

Dallas has the Pink Mafia and some say that the gays here are better organized than in San Francisco. While SF is running around with protest signs, the gays here are setting up banks, credit unions, legal firms, other words, the kinds of companies that can get into a postion to work from within to institute change.

And for my .02 on gay marriage, I agree with Kinky Friedman: "Gays should be able to marry because they have just as much right to be miserable as the rest of us!"