Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sex Sells

There is no escaping it -- sex sells and it's almost everywhere in advertising.

Molly Simms sports a $30 million diamond bikini - how practical is that? I mean granted, a girl wouldn't wear an ensemble like that to Club Med, but you would like to get some more action out of it than standing still before a camera crew.

But after reading about this bikini, I got to thinking about sex, advertising and adult entertainers....

I know people who are worried about their kids seeing porn magazines. I think if I had a kid, I would try to be as open as possible about stuff. Kids always want what is forbidden or off limits. If Junior is interested in Penthouse, show it to him. But, stress the fact that girls rarely look like that in the flesh and it's amazing what proper lighting, mineral oil & Photoshop can do to "enhance" an image.

I've been in a unique position to have worked in some capacity with 3 girls from the "adult oriented business" interesting twist given the fact that I don't know how to pole dance! This exposure and how the girls lead their lives has given me a unique insight to that world.

The 3 girls include:

  • A Penthouse Centerfold
  • A Miss Nude World
  • An Adult Film Star
The Centerfold has her "vice president of a major bank" mother handling all of her investments.

The Illustrious One came back to the hotel one night (we were obviously out of town) and was telling me the cutest story about the Centerfold. Seems they had gone to CompUSA that day for some parts because they were wiring her apartment so she could go live on web cam.

Centerfold said to Illustrious, "I just don't know why guys are staring at me!"

He replied, "Maybe because you are wearing a ball cap with PENTHOUSE on the front and MISS AUGUST on the back?"

I adore her!


Miss Nude World attended one of those performing arts schools and her classmates looked down on her for using her dancing degree to pole dance rather than mastering Martha Graham moves.

She was a sweet girl but last I heard she and her boyfriend were in another state and supposedly screwed over one of the Motorcycle Clubs that don't take kindly to that.


Adult Film Star is fantastic as a person. She was hanging out at my loft for a few days and had the idea to highlight her hair for her web cam fans. She finally got me to get on cam with her because she needed me to apply the highlights .... I did NOT want to be on her web cam. But, she's a major neat freak and cleans the hell out of everything so since she had been in "mighty maid mode" for like 3 days straight, I figured the least I could do was streak her hair.

The funny thing was that by the time we were finished, some guys in her chat room were asking for my info! Boys are funny!


So back to the origin of this post -- is there anyway to revert to advertising campaigns that are sans sex appeal?

Probably not - case and point being this vintage Coca-Cola ad -- sexy girl, swimsuit, happily saying "Yes".

This is the fodder of little boy's dreams around the world so, no, I don't think we can escape sex in advertising.