Sunday, February 12, 2006

Preparing for Cupid

Valentine's Day is almost upon us and I personally feel sorry for the guys. Most of the time they try so hard to get it right and they get financially sucker punched into spending a bloody fortune on roses.

I would rather have a different type of arrangement that's more along the lines of what a bouquet should really be priced at -- and perhaps a nice candle or chocolates.

My favourite flowers are the exotic types or wonderfully scented such as
....bird of paradise ginger get the idea.

As for the candles -- the best, in my opinion, is Votivo's "Night" fragrance...Mmmmm...very sensual.

Another excellent gift is the Sensuality Massage Oil from V'tae


While on this topic, I was pleased to see that Jackie Collins will be in town this Tuesday at the Borders on Preston Road.

I must confess that I read far too much of Jackie and Harold Robbins when I was around 10. Not exactly the proper reading for a kid but as I was an only child that read very fast, I pretty much tore through everything available.

I will have to say that 2 positives resulted from my juvenile reading habits:

  1. After reading those books, there was nothing left to the imagination so I didn't mess around as a teenager ~and~
  2. The Illustrious One is very grateful on many evenings that I did read those books because I know how to do things that most girls would never try...


A hearty congratulations to Shaun White for his gold medal in Snowboarding. It's a refreshing change to see a guy not afraid to show his emotions after a win like that.

I'm sad that Apolo Ohno didn't make the cut for the 1500m -- what an odd occurrence at the end of that qualifying race. It would have nice to see him defend his gold -- but he still has a few other races.