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Jolly Roger Shopping

Now for one that rides a Harley, I'm not much into skulls -- I think it's a bad vibe to send out - I also have a weird aversion to anything with aliens or alien heads. But these "skull themed" things are quite wicked and deserved to be shown.

First off, we begin with a brief Jolly Roger history: No one knows the origin of the name "Jolly Roger" for the pirate flag. It is thought to have come from joli rouge (pretty red), a wry French description of the bloody banner flown by early privateers. Whatever the derivation, the flags were meant to strike mortal terror in the hearts of the pirate's intended victims. They often featured skeletons, daggers, cuttlasses, or bleeding hearts on white, red, or black fields. The skull and crossbones motif first appeared around 1700 when French pirate Emanuel Wynne hoisted his fearful ensign in the Caribbean -- embellished with an hourglass to show his prey that time was running out.

Now that you kinda, sorta know the origin, here are some fantastic items that embrace that mindset -- get your Platinum Card out:

Pictured on right:
After being given only 30 days to live, Corum Watches owner Severin Wunderman made it his mission to discover everything he knows about death. But that was years ago, and since then the ever clever Wunderman has adorned many of his timepieces with his visions of skulls. Corum limited-edition Vanitas watch is an affordable $35,000 and can be found at Bachendorf's or Neiman-Marcus.

Pictured upper left corner: Dior Fine Jewelry skull ring with diamond grill designed by Victoire de Castellane; $2,800 at the Christian Dior Boutique.

Pictured upper right corner: Anti-establishment jeweler Loree Rodkin's diamond skull bondage ring; $15,400 at Neiman-Marcus, Stanley Korshak.

Pictured at top: Madonna, Sienna Miller and Peter Fonda all own Liberty Boots and you can get this stylish pair of Live to Rock boots for $1,400 at Cowboy Cool.

Also at Cowboy Cool are these fantastic belt buckles:

Tommy Buckle, sterling silver; $1,250. (bottom)

Tribal Skull Buckle, sterling silver, $1,150. (top)

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