Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday 13

  1. I won't take any prescription medication.
  2. I don't eat anything that I have to bite & tear -- like corn on the cob, apples, ribs, etc. I will use a knife & fork.
  3. I don't watch television.
  4. If I need to watch something, it's on my portable DVD player.
  5. I use Purell sanitizer religiously on my hands.
  6. My favourite tequilla is chilled Patron - which is to be sipped, not slammed.
  7. I like English (cabbage) roses best.
  8. Favorite junk food is Chipotle -- steak fajita burrito with corn relish, sour cream, cheese & lettuce.
  9. Favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide.
  10. I use a Franklin Planner (paper & binder) rather than an electronic device.
  11. Favourite workout is Pilates.
  12. Longest trip on the Harley -- Dallas to The Dragon in North Carloina.
  13. A favorite band is Sisters of Mercy


Tracy said...

Hey Cool 13! Mine's up too!

Cat said...

Patron is some good shiat :)

Guppyman said...

My first TT is up today also....