Monday, May 29, 2006


This is a very good video that came out a couple years ago -- good music, great lyrics. I've never understood America's taste in music -- Robbie Williams is one of the biggest stars in the world but very few in the US knows who he is and that's a shame.

Kick back, relax and watch this video:


Va Va Voom said...

Apparantly Robbie Williams tried hitting the scene in the US but he got rejected for being so cocky. Later on, I heard him in an interview and was saying that he doesn't care about being famous there because he thinks he's famous enough in Britain. Yeah, right. I bet he was bummed out about not being well percieved over there in the US!

I usually can't stand Robbie but his new song Sin Sin Sin is starting to grow on me.

Johnny Wadd said...

Robbie williams is an excellent artist, had him on the playlist for years.