Monday, May 29, 2006

Type O Negative

This is my blood. Supposedly it is universal and is the ideal match for everyone -- evidentally, the "medical community" is re-evaluating that to see if it is indeed true. I have no idea what would have spawned the "things that make you go hmmmm" moment for them, but alas, it has.

It seems that when you know someone's taste in music, it gives you some insight into them. So for the forseeable future - or until I get bored - I will share with you some songs that I am quite fond of.

To kick things off and keeping with today's theme, we have the lovely song "Cinnamon Girl", which is a Neil Young classic but has been fantastically covered by Type O Negative. Crank up the speakers LOUD!


Blair Bitch said...

Type O + is universal, I'm not sure if negative is. All I know about O - is that it's dangerous for a woman to have especially when she's pregnant because it is not a compatible blood type. From what I hear, medication is given during pregnancy to a woman with O - so having children shouldn't be a problem.

Raine Devries said...

Actually the problem comes into play if the mother is negative and the baby positive and fetal blood enters the mother's blood stream. The mother's blood treats it as an infection. It's not so bad the first pregnancy but can get worse with additional pregnancies. In my case, not only can I not hear my biological clock ticking, I can't find it! But even should I decide to carry on the lineage, I wouldn't even consider having more than one.