Tuesday, May 23, 2006

When Is A Burger More Than Just A Burger?

So in the adventuresome world of Battle of the Blogs, there is one die hard player that I respect. No matter how many times he gets kicked in the doodads, he gets right back up to battle on.

I've yet to figure out if he votes like a fiend thereby accumulating the credits he needs to battle on or if he had parental figures replenishing his debit card so he can buy his credits. Alas, a mystery for the ages.

Today I saw on his blog that he is the top of the worst battlers on Battle of the Blogs. I felt sad for a brief moment and then perked up -- it's better to be the best at something than nothing at all. I mean honestly, if he were in 11th place, no one would notice. But being the best of the worst means he's at the top of the list and a screen capture of his blog.

Burger Boy -- more power to you. Your posts are offensive at times and other times they are thought provoking. I for one enjoy your blog and I have become quite credit rich in voting during your many battles.

Long live the Burger!


Tracy said...

Nice tribute to my Burger Boy! I love that guy! He's great!

Travel Italy said...

I like his blog, optimistic in a certain way!

MC said...

Ironically enough, I am posting this as you are battling him.

He's got pluck, you got to give him that.

Jason said...

I wonder if he does it to spread his apparently awesome credit wealth around.

I have to agree that some of his posts are offensive, some are funny, some are thought provoking. A marketing mentor of mine once said "any publicity, good or bad, that gets your name out there is good publicity". I think he's doing a good job just getting awareness of his site out there, reguardless of the content.

otilius said...

He's good for the BEconomy!