Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Ruby Tuesday

Yesterday I found out I was a slumlord by Pile of Dog Bones. Alas, I regret that I took such bad care of him during his tenure on my blog. So without further ado -- I invite you to visit Michigan Rafter -- you can find the link to the blog on the right, just underneath the clock.

Also on the right, you will see a new Playboy promo showing an ample breast shot -- for those of you men that are needing your 10 minutes of "oogling" per day for a longer life, I invite you to oogle away.


On other blogs of note, here are some that I find interesting, intriguing and/or entertaining:

  • Travel Italy -- for those of us that love to visit and experience the real Europe, this is a good insiders blog.
  • Ghost Boy -- ahh, Horace Finkle, you gotta love him. He's recently dead and has his own blog featuring some great real ghost photos!
  • Life in the Corner -- a blog by a 2.5 year old English lad and his various adventures that have him spending ample "naughty corner" time.
  • Publius Rendezvous -- you gotta love Reagan to like this blog.
  • The Daily Exposure -- John Waller, a UK lad, that takes some fantastic photos. I love good photography.
  • Ah Yes, Medical School -- this is the first blog that got me really looking at blogs. A great first hand account of an aspiring licensed doctor muddling his way through medical school.
Aerosmith's Steven Tyler is not exactly known for his banker boy image. But I confess that someone must have gone a bit nuts with the hot glue gun on his helmet!


There has been a number of queries to my blog using a variation on "stop invasion grassfire billboard". So here is an update on where the www.Grassfire.org billboard situation stands:

The first billboard is up in Dallas on I-35 (a.k.a. the NAFTA highway)

Other billboards are going up in Southern California, Arizona, South Florida & Atlanta.


And to finish things off, we have Fat Man news......

First there is Fat Man Walking - Steve Vaught, who today is completing his cross country walk. Way to go!! Check out all the details on his site at: http://www.thefatmanwalking.com/

And secondly, we have Fat Man Dancing -- this is a perfect example of the ONLY thing rap music is good for -- spoofs!




Travel Italy said...

Thanks for the compliment. I like the current thread you have taken on the blog. It is good to say reasonable debate without the "talking points" of the politicians.

I believe the entire imigration debate is actually a power strugle between normal citizens and corporate America and that the politicians have a real problem. Who do they support, the people who vote or the corps which give them money.

TheHamburger said...

Just keep kicking my ass in BOTB...you jerk...haha