Friday, May 05, 2006

Idle Wanderings...

Sometimes it's interesting to learn about people in your life that are really in tune to their vibes. Today I was on the phone with someone who said they wanted to be a sponsor to an event -- he has a "cabaret". Ok, we'll run with that....what exactly is this cabaret going to be doing at this event? Topless girls of made perfect sense to the wannabe sponsor for the very reasons why it wouldn't work in reality. The more he spoke, the more anxious I was to get off the phone.....bad vibes. So bad, that my first desire was to throw the phone into a bucket of Lysol to sanitize it.

Then I hear about a group of guys that were trying to get the bad vibes out of their office. Their solution was to focus intently on an egg for a day and then throw it out the window. I have never heard of that one before. My first choice is to grab the abalone shell, toss in a healthy dose of lakota white sage and light a match to it. It's called smudging and the Native Americans are big in to it -- it seems to help cleanse the air of negativity.


Have you noticed that it's Cinco de Mayo? And on a Friday! Usually, for about a month leading up to it there is a big advertising blitz for Tex Mex foods and Corona beer -- at least in this part of the world there is. And Corona does some amusing ad campaigns -- but I have noticed that the billboards that were up 6 weeks ago are now featuring something else and there has been no talk whatsoever of "cinco de mayo". God forbid any more fuel be tossed onto that fire.


Sometimes I sepnd time looking at homes on to see what types of homes are going for what prices and with what types of amenities. At times it's a curse and a blessing that I was exposed to real estate development my entire life and went to design school. I glance at the floorplans in the Sunday real estate section of the paper and think to myself, "What the fuck?" I am constantly amazed that these $300k new homes have these awful floorplans. Without fail they will have some "open air" design for the downstairs and upstairs they will have a big ass "media room" and teeny tiny bedrooms.

Oh and don't get me started on decor -- but suffice to say that I cannot stand "small print" patterns on wallpapers. The only time that works is in a half-bath --- with the lights off. Small prints do not work in large rooms -- it's visually chaotic. Flourescent lighting anywhere is also a major faux pas.

I remember the first time I saw an "Everybody Loves Raymond" episode. The person I was with was laughing hysterically and I'm sitting there with this look of sheer horror on my face -- my God, how many colors and patterns did the set designers cram into that one set?! It was sheer madness and no wonder they were screaming and fighting all the time.


On the Stones front, Mick is pissed. What WAS Keith doing up a coconut tree in the middle of a tour. Supposedly they will be moving forward with the European tour at the end of this moth with or without Keith. Evidentally, the New Zealand doctors haven't given Keith the all clear to fly.

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