Monday, May 08, 2006

Sex Tax Deductions and Okie Tattoos

Australia must be quite progressive. The recently released new tax code aimed specifically at those working in the sex trade industry. Some deductions include: dance lessons, condoms and advertising. They cannot claim any expenses to maintain their general fitness or body shape.

You can read the full details at this site:

Sex trade -- an interesting occupation. I recall once in high school being asked that tired old question of ".....and what do you want to do when you are out of school?" I think it was for those cheesy yearbook things. I said something along the lines of "dress cool and work at night" so right from the get go I was destined to be an escort or work in the entertainment industry.

I'm not a good enough actress to be an escort.

When I had my loft in Deep Ellum (nightclub part of Dallas), there was an escort that lived across the hall....Chelsea. Supposedly she charged $300 an hour and supposedly most of the guys didn't want sex. While there were some decent looking types in their Porsches and Jags, there were a lot of "oh my God" types pulling up in jalopeys -- trust me, that $300 would have been much better spent on maintaing their cars!

And then there are friends like Tera & Roxy who also have worked extensively in the sex industry but not as escorts. Tera was in lots of films -- Roxy is a Penthouse centerfold. I adore both of them -- great people. I found I didn't judge them about their lifestyle choices because they were open and professional about it. Whereas with Chelsea, she kept trying to con people but she was a lousy con artist so it just made the whole situation pathetic.


In other adventurous news, an acquaintance, Tigger, has finally had his hard work with the Oklahoma legislature pay off. Tattoos are about to be legal in Okie-land! Those of you in the Dallas area are well acquainted with Tigger as he has owned some of the best tattoo parlors around.

Tigger even made it onto as you can see in this photo. The story can be read here.

Tigger opened up shop a few weeks ago in Ada and business has been good -- until the DA tried to flex his muscles. But with the legislation, the DA will had better behave himself.

And alas, Dallas will not have such an influx of Okie's descending upon us to proclaim such obvious statements as...

"Gosh, you all sure drive fast here."

"I never realized Dallas was such a friendly place. We got to town and saw lots of rainbow stickers on cars."

Yes -- I actually heard that last comment. Some Ayrian looking boy with blonde hair & blue eyes that swore he was Native American mistook the gay pride rainbow stickers for Texans just being friendly!

I hope that child made his way back safely to Oklanowhere.

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Helen said...

I would have to respectfully disagree and say that dancing maintains general fitness as does, in a roundabout way, condoms!